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Candy Apples

candy apples made with frosting creations, cotton candy or apple pie , kids loved the cotton candy , adults loved the apple pie


  1. pick a deep pot (for room to boil
  2. wash and dry apple any kind granny smith is sour best to pair with sweet
  3. put popsicle sticks in top of apples and place on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper
  4. set a side till ready to dip
  5. put sugar , water, corn syrup , creation packages all in pot
  6. boil on stove till temp reaches 305 on candy thermometer
  7. then turn heat off add bright white food colouring and blue food colouring stir
  8. keep adding colour till you get the shade you want
  9. dip apples and place on parchment paper
  10. add candy on top or decorations while still hot or drizzle with chocolate