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Banana Split Birthday Coffee 'Cup Cake'

Coffee cake isn't just for coffee breaks!..the mix was the perfect starter to these Banana Split Birthday Coffee 'Cup Cakes'! They were so delicious and so easy to make...in fact, my young teen son made them, recipe and all, by himself!...It was a great treat!


  1. Prepare 1 pouch of Perfect Size For 1 Cinnamon Coffee Cake Mix, in a cup, as directed...stirring in 3 maraschino cherries...and cook in the microwave as indicated on the package.
  2. While it's hot...top with the Duncan Hines Cream Cheese Frosting...it will melt into the cake.
  3. Let cake cool.
  4. Then...sprinkle on the rainbow sprinkles...then add the bananas...and then the whipped cream topping...then drizzle on the chocolate syrup...then a maraschino cherry on top...then the chocolate sprinkles!