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Duncan Hines Crystal Creche Chickie

Delightful little Easter decor, surrounded by a crystal egg made, full of vitamin C and decorated with Duncan Hines.


  1. Pour 75g dry juice crystals into a sealable bowl. Drip 30 drops of water randomly over the top. Do not pour the water or the juice crystals will dissolve. I use a small turkey baster or craft bottle. Shake to coat the droplets. Smush with a spoon until fine, then cover and shake.
  2. Press the crystals at least ¼” thick into a mold. Press it in as hard as you can. Set it out to dry.
  3. The next day, carefully tap the top of the mold and squeeze it gently to release the crystal egg. Let it dry a few days more so it’s solid.
  4. Get a lengthwise egg mold. Fill one half. Let dry. Remove from mold. Let dry some more.
  5. Using Duncan Hines Icing, make a figure to sit in the crèche. If it’s long, let it dry a day or two, then turn it over and press a toothpick down its length. Let both sides dry.
  6. Secure your figure into the crystal egg with a little icing, then decorate the edges.
  7. To stand it up, place a little icing on a piece of wax paper, sit the crèche in it, and prop it up with a small hard object behind it.