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Chocolate Pirate Dream

Aye, matey! Ye won’t have to walk the plank if you master this marvelous pirate ship that starts with Chewy Fudge Brownie Mix. Decorate it as described, or create your own finishing touches.


  1. Preheat oven to 350°F. Grease 2 13"x9" cake pans.
  2. In separate medium mixing bowls, prepare each brownie batter as directed on the box. Bake as described on the box. Cool and unmold on to a cookie sheet.
  3. Cutting: Trim the edges of both brownies to 10½”x 7”. Cut a 3½"x 10½" strip from each brownie. Place them on your platter with a small amount of the chocolate frosting. Cut a blunted bow from the stacked brownie strips. Cut a 3½” square from one of the remaining strips of brownie and place it at the back of the boat shape aligned with the edges and corners. Cut a 2½" strip from the same left over brownie. Stick that on top of the previous square with frosting. Cut a 2”x3½“ strip from the remaining brownie and place it on top of the previous brownie. Cut 2 3”x3½" rectangles place on the front of the ship. Cut the overhang to match the bow. Cut 2 1½" disks to support the main mast. Place disks in the centre of the deck. Place all cut cake on the ship as described above.
  4. Completely frost the whole cake with the chocolate frosting.
  5. Prepare a plastic sealable bag with a fine tip and place ¼ cup of the chocolate frosting. Pipe all accent design on the cake as pictured. Color skewers brown with a food safe marker. Print sails and cut out as pictured, color edges of cut sails with a black marker. Poke holes in the top center and bottom centre of the sails with the skewer. And place the sails on the Bamboo skewers.
  6. Print pirate flags. Cut flags to size and place the rear large flag on a skewer with double sided tape and place on the rear of the ship. Cut out top streamer flags and attach them to the mast.
  7. To place pretzel rod in the bow of the ship first: poke the bow with a skewer to make a pilot hole. Carefully push the pretzel rod in and place a malted milk ball on the ship. Place the pretzel snaps on the side of the deck as pictured all the way up and around the top rear of the ship. Trim the pretzels as needed. Place 1 pretzel snap on its corner to emulate the ships wheel.
  8. Using a skewer make 3 pilot holes in the side of the ship where the cannons are. Pipe a ball of dark chocolate fudge frosting over each hole. Push a 2" piece of black licorice in each hole. Spread chocolate frosting on the serving platter and arrange the malted milk balls around to create a border.
  9. Paint the mast with frosting to give the mast a natural wood look. Accent the sails with the frosting as well.