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Maple Cupcakes With Caramel Frosting and Maple Caramel Bacon

made these cupcakes for a family birthday .maple caramel frosting , and topped with caramel candied bacon


  1. cupcakes
  2. make Duncan Hines cake mix follow directions
  3. fill paper cupcake liners 3 quarters full
  4. bake till done
  5. Icing maple caramel
  6. mix 2 packages of caramel frosting creations flavor mix with one can of regular icing and add 2 tsps. of maple extract
  7. Candied bacon
  8. mix one quarter cup of dark brown sugar
  9. 2 tsps. of vinegar
  10. 2 tsps. of maple syrup or corn syrup
  11. one package of Duncan Hines caramel frosting creations
  12. warm in microwave ...mix well
  13. oven 375
  14. cook bacon in oven on a cooling rack ,turning often
  15. brush with above glaze
  16. bake till dark brown and crisp
  17. cool on cooling rack
  18. after cupcakes are coo
  19. l frost them with icing
  20. ( I drizzled them before icing with cake vodka )
  21. when Bacon is cool
  22. cut in chunks or in half and top your cupcakes
  23. ( I also drizzled my cupcakes with caramel sundae syrup)