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Butterfly Cupcakes

Beautiful Royal Icing Butterfles on top of your favorite Duncan Hines cupcakes


  1. Mix ingredients for butterflies adding more or less icing sugar depending on how thick you need the icing. Hint: you will need thick icing for the outine and runny icing for filling in.
  2. Seperate icing into seperate bowls and tint with your choice of colors
  3. Trace butterfly wing shapes on wax paper using thick icing. Make each wing a seperate piece.
  4. Fill in outlines with thinner icing.
  5. Allow to dry several hours or overnight.
  6. Next day: Make cupcakes according to directions on the box, set aside to cool
  7. Ice cupcakes with your Duncan Hines Icing.
  8. Place one or two chocolate chips under each wing to hold upright, arrange butterflies on cupcakes.
  9. Add extra Duncan Hines icing for supports and butterfly bodies.
  10. Enjoy!