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Easter Cupcakes

These are fudge marble cupcakes with chocolate macaroon bird nests on top.


  1. Prepare cupcakes according to instructions on cake box. Easter themed liners are a great idea!
  2. While cupcakes are cooking make macaroons. Put cocoa,butter,milk and sugar in a medium size pot.
  3. Bring to a boil for about 3 minutes, stirring constantly.
  4. Remove from heat, add the vanilla, oats, and coconut. Mix well.
  5. Place heaping tablespoons of macaroon mixture onto wax paper,and by using either a spoon or your fingers (mixture will still be quite warm) quickly shape into birds nests.( a little smaller then the top of the cupcakes)
  6. When cupcakes are cooked and have cooled for about 5 minutes,place a nest on top of each cupcake.This works best when macaroon mixture is still warm, as it will stick to the cupcake. If needed use a little icing to help stick nest to cupcake.
  7. Put icing in a small bowl, using a toothpick add leaf green icing paste a little at a time until the icing is the shade of grass.
  8. Using a decorating tip, #134, #233 or one of your choice, make grass all around the nest.
  9. Place candy eggs in the nests, apply a little icing to the bottom of the eggs to make them stick.( 1 to 3 eggs per nest)
  10. Enjoy! Happy Easter!!