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Witches Brew Cookies

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The cauldron is swirling, turning and bubbling!! What is this Witch Brewing?? That's exactly what these cookies remind of. A fun recipe to make with your family! Colours and sprinkles can accomodate to any occasion!


  1. mix dry & sugars.Add the butter pieces
  2. Add vanilla & mix into a ball
  3. Divide into 3  balls.Add food colouring & 2 tbsp  flour to each
  4. Roll dough between wax paper. Peel wax paper & lay on top of each other. Leave the wax paper on the bottom layer to help with rolling
  5. Roll into a log. Cover in Duncan Hines frosting.Refrigerate for 2 hours.Place sprinkles into a 9x13 pan, roll the log until covered in sprinkles.
  6. Preheat oven 325, bake 8-12 min


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