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Yummy Dark Chocolate Banana Icecream Cake Drizzle

A yummy recipe that everyone will surely enjoy ! Easy , and simple , the kids , mom and dad , and the neighbours and friends will surely devour this new duncan hines treat together ! Dark Chocolate is healthy too ! Great for those who want to be a sweet tooth and live a healthy lifestyle .


  1. First , Bake the duncan hines cake.
  2. Using A filler , put some icing inside the cake , right in ths middle !
  3. Once ready , let it cool for 5 minutes.
  4. Start covering the cake with Banana Icecream .
  5. FREEZE for 1-2 hours for a nice cooling summer cake , or a nice frozen treat !
  6. Than , Get the Dark Chocolate and Melt it either using the microwave , or maybe the stove top .
  7. Using a Spoon , Get the Dark Chocolate once regular temperature to drizzle onto the cake !
  8. And now enjoy !