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Jack's Easter Delight

With a cake mix that's easy to whip up when you've only got paws, Jack Rabbit celebrates Easter with Duncan Hines lemon cake mix (his favourite!) and tops it all off with creamy vanilla frosting. When you've only got a few minutes to create a great dessert, Duncan Hines makes it fast, easy and everyone's favourite, not just Jack Rabbit's. An attractive and delicious compliment to any Easter dinner


  1. For first five ingredients
  2. Beat 2 minutes
  3. Pour half of the cake mix in a 9 inch round pan.
  4. Pan should be sprayed with vegetable spray then lined with wax paper.
  5. The rest of the cake mix should be baked in muffin tins with paper cups.
  6. Bake 25 - 30 minutes at 350.
  7. Icing
  8. Mix the 3 icing ingredients with a whisk.
  9. Cut round cake in half, ice both halves and stick together.
  10. Ice top and sides of half cake.
  11. Decorate for a bunny.
  12. Decorate cupcakes to make bird's nests.
  13. Grate chocolate and put cupcakes and put 3 little chocolates for eggs.