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Easy Easter Lemon Cake with Creamy Cream Cheese Frosing

Delicious, light and easy lemon cake. Easy to make with a light creamy cream cheese frosting. Decorate with lemon gum drops or your favorite easter candy (such as mini candy coated eggs) or easter cookies along the side. Peeps look adorable on it!


  1. Cook the lemon cake according to the directions for a 2 layer round cake. Allow to cool completely
  2. Beat pudding mixes with milk using a hand wisk for about 2 minutes
  3. Place the bottom cake layer on a serving plate. Spread with half of pudding mixture. Place second cake layer on top and spread it with the remaining pudding mixture.
  4. Cream icing sugar and cream cheese in a bowl with a hand mixer. Fold in whipped topping to make the creamy cream cheese icing.
  5. Frost cake with the creamy cream cheese icing.
  6. Decorate with lemon gum drops or pretty easter candies (such as easter cookies or peeps)
  7. Keep refridgerated until served.