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Some Bunny Loves You

Every person, young and old, deserves a bunny cake at Easter. This was so easy and so much fun to make! Any Duncan Hines cake can be used, and any Duncan Hines icing, depending upon what color bunny you want. Have fun, there's no wrong or right way to decorate. Just know that by baking a bunny cake you are displaying great Easter spirit!


  1. Make cake according to directions. Pour into 2 loaf pans, and use cooking times for 8" round.
  2. When 'loafs' are cool, turn out and slice off rounded part of one to flatten top.
  3. Place flattened loaf cut side up on a nice plate.
  4. Top second loaf on top of flattened one using about 1/3 cup icing as 'glue'.
  5. Now here's the fun part. Using a knife, carve out your best bunny, rounding corners and making appropriate cuts.
  6. Ice entire bunny.
  7. Place marshmallow where tail would go.
  8. Place pink decoration on nose spot, and two eyes appropriately.
  9. Spread grass out around bunny. Stand back and enjoy the view!