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Kid Easy Cake Pops

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These cake pops are so easy my 10-year-old can make them! Definitely a party pleaser.


  1. Bake, cool then crumble cake in a bowl.
  2. Add in frosting until cake can hold a ball shape.
  3. Melt 1/4 cup of candy melts in the microwave.
  4. Dip the tip of the cake pop sticks into the melted candy and insert into the cake balls. Freeze 20 min.
  5. Melt the remaining candy melts.
  6. Dip cake balls carefully into the candy melts until covered. Let the excess chocolate drip off.
  7. Add the sprinkles while the chocolate is still wet. It will harden quickly.
  8. Stick the decorated cake pop into a styrofoam block to finish setting.


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