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Hamburger Cake

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This Hamburger Cake looks like the real thing.


  1. Bake vanilla cake mix according to box directions in pyrex bowl (for bun) and 8 inch cake pan.
  2. Bake remaining vanilla mix in bread pan (will cut up later for french fries)
  3. Bake chocolate cake mix in 8 inch pan
  4. Put aside three tablespoons vanilla icing (for ketchup). Mix remaining vanilla icing with cocoa powder and 20 drops yellow food colouring for icing of bun
  5. Roll out fondant: Red -- Use a glass to cut circles out for tomato, cut small triangles out within circles.
  6. Yellow -- cut triangles for cheese
  7. Green -- cut half circles out for lettuce, use your finger to press down ridges
  8. Let both vanilla cakes cool down (two hours) before removing from pyrex and cake pan. Remove chocolate cake before fully cooling down so it crumbles slightly
  9. First, frost the bun once cooled on separate plates (flip round side up for bun of burger). Frost the chocolate cake with chocolate frosting, letting it crumble to resemble a hamburger.
  10. Place chocolate cake on top of vanilla cake baked in 8 inch pan. Arrange the cut out fondant around the edges of burger, letting sides stick out
  11. Place vanilla cake baked in pyrex bowl on top of two cakes and layered fondant. Arrange rice puffs around bun as "sesame seeds"


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