Chocolate Banana Cake

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Sweet and light Duncan Hines Devil's Food Cake smothered with banana cream and decorative banana slices….Mmmm Chocolate Banana Cake.


  1. Preheat oven to 350 ºF. Grease and flour 13x9x2-inch pan.
  2. For cake, combine cake mix, eggs, milk and oil in large bowl. Beat at low speed with electric mixer until moistened. Beat at medium speed for 2 minutes. Pour into pan.
  3. Bake at 350 ºF for 35 to 38 minutes or until toothpick inserted in center comes out clean. Cool completely.
  4. For topping, combine pudding mix and milk in large bowl. Stir until smooth. Fold in whipped cream. Spread on top of cooled cake. Slice banana; dip in lemon juice, arrange on top. Garnish with chocolate sprinkles. Refrigerate until ready to serve.


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lchomlak on Apr 23, 2013 9:57 a.m.

This cake is good, it is easy to make and you will be surprised how fast it goes.

TheCakeLady on Sep 19, 2010 11:11 p.m.

The layers are the banana mixture and it looks as though they may have covered the cake with a chocolate frosting and drizzled with chocolate and topped with the sliced bananas. My rating is based on the look as I have yet to try this recipe. I just might have to try it soon.

ehutch on Mar 22, 2010 10:55 a.m.

The picture looks like its a layer cake with banana cream in the middle and chocolate on top the recipe does not explain layers or topping. The picture looks beautiful and delicious but the recipe does not explain the way it looks