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Spring is in the Air Cake

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My granddaughter needed a cake to bring to school to raise money for a charity so I baked this cake and chose a light and springy angel food cake base. I added freshed whipped cream and fresh strawberries because it was early spring and they always remind me summer is around the corner.


  1. I mix the angel food cake according to the directions and pour into 3 small round cake pans and bake.
  2. As it is baking I whip approx. 250 g of real whipping cream with 1/2 tsp sugar until soft peaks appear.
  3. Whip the remaining 250g of whipping cream with 1tsp cocoa , 1/2 tsp sugar until soft peaks appear.
  4. Wash and cut 1 cup fresh strawberries into small pieces, put in a bowl and add 1/2 tsp sugar to them to bring out the juices (drain juice before using)
  5. Shave 1/2 of Cadbury milk bar in bowl with cheese grater.
  6. Once the angel food cake is cool I put one layer on plate covered with fancy doily, spread a layer of plain whipped cream, layer of strawberries and some shaved chocolate on top, repeat these steps until all 3 layers are complete.
  7. Use the remaining cocoa flavoured whipping cream to frost the entire cake and sprinkle some chocolate flakes on top.
  8. I put a plastic butterfly on top and circled the bottom of the cake with candy flowers.


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